IP ranges

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere, can’t seem to locat the info…
I’m testing in North America and the site is using a filter to try to prevent bots from hitting it. This seems to be affecting my tests out of Dulles. Im wondering if the IP address ranges are available somewhere so I can whitelist them.

Here’s a list of all agents currently powering WPT.org, you can see there’s a lot of them - would be a lot of IPs to add. Also, these IP addresses can (and will) change as more are spun up and others retired: https://www.webpagetest.org/getTesters.php

I’d suggest another way of filtering. I do know that the WPT agents have ‘PTST’ in their user agent string. Can you allow anything with that text through?

Thank you for your help.
I’m going to suggest the user string method and see what happens.