IP Whitelist of WebPageTest bots

I need to provide a client with an IP list or an IP range to whitelist in order to use WebPageTest.

I have seen other posts recommending https://www.webpagetest.org/getTesters.php but it is not a definitive list. I did tests on a server that I have log access to. Neither IP is on the getTesters list:
Where do I get a definitive list?

Thanks, Otto

Do you have any other IP’s showing in the logs? Those look like the IP addresses of the WPT servers themselves which run a sanity check fetch to make sure the site isn’t just redirecting to a blocked origin (cryptomining, etc) but the test aren’t run from those IP’s.

If you run a test for https://www.showmyip.com/ you can look at the screen shot and see that the IP address matches one of the ones in the getTesters.php list.

AFAIK, the agents are on NAT networks to a static IP for each of the locations they are running from and the getTesters.php list should accurately reflect those static IP’s.