IPv6 support

How about IPv6 support. I tried few times a literal IPv6 URLs, or URLs with hosts having AAAA-only DNS records, and failed.

I use dozen of machines, server, virtual machines and notebooks, all ipv6 enabled, because it simplifies configuration, allow end-to-end connectivity regardless where I’m, and is often just cheaper for web development.

Unfortunately I cannot find any WPT test location with IPv6 support. :frowning:

I found that “Tokyo, Japan - IE9 - DSL”, for example support IPv6.

Is there a list of IPv6 capable test locations of WPT? Is there any plans to make all test locations ipv6 capable?


IPV6 support is on our roadmap to fix in 2012. When it is available I’ll find a way to indicate which locations have IPV6 connectivity.