Is 250ms load time acceptable for blank php page?


I used page speed tester (!/dh8Icv/ ) which server is located in same City like my website and this tester connected to my server in 2 miliseconds. Then it waited 200 long miliseconds to get the reply.
I want to know why my server takes such long time to respond blank page request… which commands i need to do on my redhat, apache server?

First, try a series of tests at different times of the day. Also, can you post the results from the test you did here in this thread?


Got your message. It is looking like a server side cache issue, but I need to think about it some more. The fact that it is blank should not concern you too much. More important are the pages you are acutally using live on your site.

I signed up while I was there, by the way - nice forum!

FWIW, I’ve had a LOT better luck for php performance using nginx, php-fpm and APC. WebPagetest used to be hosted on Apache but I ran into both scaling and performance issues. Moving to the Nginx stack I can now serve rich PHP responses in < 10ms (was 150-200ms on Apache).

I’m sure it’s possible to scale and tune Apache to perform that well but it’s somewhat more involved and Nginx “just worked” for me.