Lazy load - Amazon DNS - Mirror server?

Hello everybody,

I am a bit struggling with page load speed (speed test results) on my site We made many things to optimize our code and now is time to think about some improvements. According to Google Analytics page speed in the USA is 20 seconds, which is super long and I think it might be a reason why Google never show our site in search results. Is there anyone who has real experience with Amazon DNS? Most of the site traffic is from the USA, but my server is in Europe. I am thinking about mirror server or Amazon DNS.

Any ideas?

Thank you,

Make sure you test your full domain name, including the www part if that’s where your users are most likely to end up. Your speed test results include the 301 redirect from non-www to www, which is costly.

Obviously, moving your server closer to your end-users will reduce latency and page load time, so if your users are mostly US-based, hosting in Europe seems like a bad choice – more so because it’s Eastern Europe. A CDN might be a better choice, since that would benefit all your users, but it depends on the geographical distribution of your users, and their importance.

As for DNS, that’s a quick win: simply move to a DNS provider with an anycast network. There are plenty of free ones, like CloudFlare (also a CDN). I’m happy with Route53, but if you don’t need the advanced features then why pay extra.

A 20 second load time average is pretty bad. You’ll want to find out what’s happening there. Could simply be an outlier.