Location issue on Paris Servers

In the “Request Details” table, the Location column is said to use MaxMind in order to match the Ip of the server that delivered a ressource with the actual location of the server. But it seems that the data is wrong. Some servers bases in France are located in California or North Korea in WPT whereas they are correctly located on MaxMind.com

In this example, is located by WPT in San Carlos (CA) :

But in Paris by MaxMind :

Thanks, it’s been a while since I updated the database - just updated it and it is correctly locating it to France. I’m using the free GeoLiteCity database so I guess the Paris granularity wasn’t included in the free data set.


btw, it does look like MaxMind still thinks some of the servers are in Korea :frowning: From what I have seen, they don’t do so well with CDN’s so I’ve been considering removing the geo-location support.