Odd result from London?

I use Amazon’s S3 / Cloudfront for static content and have created a CNAME to point to the Cloudfront URL.

The VPS running the site is London based and a traceroute to cdn.twozerothree.eu (Cloudfront CNAME) from the VPS terminates in London.

Details of my latest test though show the static content as coming from Seattle when tested from London, wondering if this is a glitch or is Maxmind’s data inaccurate?


Thanks for looking

Yes, Maxmind’s data is inaccurate when it comes to CDN’s. I’ve been meaning to make a change and just pushed it. Now for content served from a CDN, instead of the location you will get the name of the CDN provider it was served from.



Thanks for the response Pat, I should have headed for this site before posting, would have answered my question!!