Looking for Wordpress host recommendation

Hi there,

I stumbled across this site while analyzing wordpress hosts. Assuming that WPT is accurate it has been really eye opening how some hosts seem to perform very differently to each other regardless of whether they are considered premium or not.

Does anyone here have a host they would recommend ? WPEngine scored the best of the ones I tested, but they are quite expensive.

Id be happy to spend around $50 - $100 per month for a host that allows say 4 or 5 hosts and account total of around 100k / monthly visitors.

WPEngine is the best that I know of for dedicated Wordpress hosting. You might be able to run on a VPS on EC2 or Google Compute for the price range you’re talking about but you’d be managing your own server (not sure if you’re looking for managed hosting or not).

You mention that WPEngine was quite expensive but their “Professional” plan looks like it’s $99 and exactly matches your requirements (10 hosts, 100k visits). btw, did you mean “visitors” or “visits”? Those could be wildly different.

Thanks Patrick. Im looking for a managed solution. Have run my own boxes in the past. Becomes painful. Catch with WPEngine is if you want to install another non WP script then 99% of the time they suggest you link off to another host.

I can pretty much understand that since it’s a managed service and scripts can go off and do just about anything. That’s much more into VPS territory (or shared hosting at a more basic level).