Need Suggestions

Hi, I own a wordpress blog running on a dedicated server with W3 Total Cache plugin, MaxCDN and CloudFlare. Since I have started using CloudFlare, the number of hits and bandwidth on my server has dropped significantly.

Now I’m thinking of downgrading my hosting from dedicated to VPS.

Do you think it is a good idea or what are the things that I should consider other than bandwidth and system usage?

Thanks for your time, JK

Can you stand up a VPS in parallel to test? A lot of it is going to depend on the infrastructure behind the VPS and that’s going to be very specific to the hosting provider you are using.

The type of hits that Cloudflare offloaded should have been things like the static files which are usually very low overhead for the server (though if you are on Apache it depends on what MPM you are using).

Did the server load drop significantly? How about memory use? Those are probably the biggest general indicators that you can use that will impact dynamic code and database access.