Looking to hire consultant to help with web app launch

We are seeing some front-end slowness in our beta and want to make it fast!

I’m looking to get some PAID consulting help auditing our new site and getting recommendations.

Things I am looking for:

  • identify low-hanging fruit (maybe some site-wide issues, maybe some particular pages)
  • Work with my current developers to impliment most efficient use of time to get the greatest return on results is key
  • develop benchmarks for different key metrics which we can use to auto-identify problems
  • educate me on the process
  • identify janky elements and how we can reduce them
  • tell me what I don’t know that I don’t know!

Our platform is built on the following:

o JavaScript
o Ionic framework
o AngularJS 1.x
o TreeJS (WebGL)
o Gulp (testing / building / publishing)

o PHP 5.4+
o MySQL 5.5+
o Azure Web App hosting (IIS 8+)
o Composer (PHP dependencies tool)
o Medoo PHP framework
o Slim PHP framework
o Facebook PHP SDK
o Guzzle PHP framework

Please note: I am looking for someone with deep knowledge and experience in this area. I am NOT looking for someone to just run WPT and paste the results Smile You will also be able to see your work get enjoyed by millions of people!

If you are available, please email me: andrew at luckydiem dot com



Apologies about the late reply, perhaps you can look on sites such as Upwork or Freelancer.

Likely best for you to bring on a CTO before making any technical design choices.

Choosing outdated technologies like MySQL-5.5 + PHP-5.4 will create a set of problems for no reason.

For example, PHP-5.4 is highly hackable.

Using Microsoft Azure also presents it’s own set of problems. Expensive hosting + Azure licensing fees + Blackbox software which can only be fixed by Microsoft (shudder).

Start with latest LAMP versions - Apache-2.4.25 + PHP-7.1.5 + OpenSSL-1.0.2g which are today’s latest stable versions.

Also start with MariaDB rather than MySQL for a huge performance boost.

If you’re looking to build out a substantial product with maximum flexibility + speed, stick with LAMP +WordPress.

Last thought. Once you start down the Azure rabbit hole, you’re pretty much stuck. There’s no escape.