Mobitest Agent returning results though Page not fully Loaded


I have configured WPT 2.11 private instance and testing our internal mobile site using Ipad 3 (HD retina) whose content is mostly static jpeg/png, css, html, js etc…
Since this is a dev version of our site, i have manually warmed up our cache servers with the static content requests by using JMeter and have tried firing the webpagetest requests but still the “Fully Loaded” event is being retuned back even before it actually did load completely.

Tried putting Minimum test duration (Advanced TAB), but still no use.
Is there an option where i could put some delay and tell the mobitest agent or on the server side to get the valid output/result ?

  1. Is mobitest agent using UIWebview as the test agent, because in safari i could manually load the site with not much delay?

2.) Can mobitest fire other agents (not webview) within the iOS device ?


Most everything in the Advanced tab does not work with the mobile agents and they are limited to UIWebView, sorry.

If you’re adventerous, the NodeJS agent (under agents/JS in github) can drive the native Safari but the docs for getting it all set up aren’t really in place yet.

Hi Patrick Thank you.


I believe mobitest always stops shortly after onload. It MAY have support for the activity-based stopping as well but I can’t remember. There’s nothing that it exposes to the server that gives any more info.

The nodeJS agent can drive Chrome on OSX but I don’t think it can drive Safari (not sure how Safari provides the remote dev tools interface).