Multiple agents on the same machine\host


We have a pretty simple setup, one WPT server and 2 WPA each being hosted by one server, all on Linux Centos. We would like to scale up a bit the number of agents, from 2 to 5 for example. Is it possible to install 2 or more agents on the same server or does every agent need to be installed separately? If it is possible, what does this mean from the resource point of view?

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Each agent needs to be run on a dedicated “machine”. They can be multiple VM’s on a single physical server but there can’t be multiple agents running within the same OS instance. Things like network throttling and video capture don’t play nicely with multiple instances.

If you’re on Centos you could use KVM to run agent VM’s on the same server and leave the web server running on the bare metal (just watch your CPU utilization to make sure you don’t oversubscribe the server).

Thank you Patrick for the quick reply.