My first byte time score is F

Hi !
Looking at the graph for my site, first byte time on the root of the site, a WP site, is 15610 ms.
What’s the reason of this behavior ?
On a previous site i worked out images slowed the site down but this time i don’t understand why the site root / is taking so long.


More often than not that is caused by poor hosting (overloaded servers commonly seen in inexpensive hosting plans). It’s also possible that the application is making some back-end calls to a service that are timing out but it is hard to know from the outside. If you can, try disabling as many plugins as possible and see if things get better. If so you can narrow it down to the plugin causing the issues.

Are there no test applications etc. which you can run your site on to see where the culprit is more specific, rather than manually testing like this?

There is a whole class of software that can help drill in but it is going to require development skills. APM is the general category they live under and companies like NewRelic, Ruxit, AppDynamics are the leaders in the space. Most have a free trial and some have a free offering with more limited capabilities.

If you’re a developer or sysadmin they can be invaluable and lead you right to the problem.