my test -what i can make better?

sorry for my bad english

please look at my test


Some obvious things that need to be fixed (though you may be a bit constrained with what you can do with v-bulletin):

  • The image thumbnails are using full-sized images and resizing in the browser (anywhere from 50KB to 170KB each). Change those to use actual thumbnail images that are the correct size and they will be a LOT smaller.

  • You have a large number of separate css and js files, all in the head of the page. Combine them as much as possible (and move the js to the bottom of the page if you can do it without breaking the site)

  • It looks like none of the text responses from v-bulletin are being gzip compressed. Looks like you’re on Apache so it should be an easy .htaccess rule to enable it (and you’ll save another 100KB)

Those are the trivial changes that should be made no matter what. Beyond that there are some further changes that can help a lot but they will take more work:

  • Set a far-future expires header for the static objects (images, css, js). This may be difficult as you need to change the file names/paths if they are ever updated but will help significantly for any repeat visitors.

  • Use an image sprite for the small logos and graphics on the page (will save ~10 requests)

  • See if it makes sense to use a CDN (if your customer base is all in Germany it may not make sense).

thank you very much:)