Need advice of how to improve my Start render time. Appreicate any help.

Dear all. Thank you for taking your time to take a look at my issue.

I’m redesigning my small business website, mainly for the long load time and messy code on my current site.

I have tried to implement many things but, as a newbie into this speed optimization, i seemed to be lost now and will need some advice of how to best proceed… i do appreciate any point to the right direction.

At the moment, i’m down to about 1 - 1.5 seconds load time.
This is not far from my goal, however, the rendering time on my web seems to be at the end, once the page have loaded all the sources, my question is how can i lower the rendering time and giving visitor an “faster” experience?

These are my test result.

As i can see in the waterfall, i have a JS that is blocking rendering of my page, however, that JS is a jquery slider, which is located almost at the top on my page, is there anyway i can archive to load the script later once the full page / all other resources have loaded?

Thank you in advance.

After looking at your page.

  • try using a CDN for your assets (images, css & js)
  • add a favicon tag to your page “”
  • minify your css file


Brad Oyler |

I didn’t dive into the code too much to see what it is doing but on a quick look I’d take a look at the slidy slideshow and code you have. Maybe as a test stub it out and replace it with just a fixed image and none of the javascript (to see the impact).

The way it is implemented right now, the browser fetches all of the slideshow images at the same time even though only one of them will be visible at the start. Hiding the other images from the preload scanner and loading them after onload (and not animating until they load) should move the remaining performance in a bit.