So I have been developing website for about a 1 1/2 years using and a friend asked me today why I chose to use .net instead of php. My simple answer was it was available to me, and I am comfortable with Microsoft. That got me thinking, I should probably learn a little more about php so the next time someone asks I can have an intelligent answer.
Does anyone have or know where I can find a good comparison (non-bias) on the two and php?

You can Google around a bit and probably find a bunch but the choice to go with one or the other isn’t usually going to be based on the language. Both languages are very capable, scale well, have large communities behind them, etc.

I’ve been developing for Windows platforms for over 15 years but went with php for WebPagetest largely because of the availability of shared hosting and the flexibility of Apache. If you are building something for an existing company then it’s largely going to boil down to what platform they have experience running (the last thing you want to do is have Windows SA’s administer Linux boxes and vice-versa). While both Apache and PHP support Windows, you probably won’t be running a large site that way (which is why it goes all the way through to the platform, not just the language).


agreed, both have there own taste and power.

both issues of security and competence are present in… wait for it… ALL development environments. you can leave gaping holes in the security of every application, regardless of programming language. you can also expect to meet only few who are very good. Examples: with php, a lot of developers are originally web designers, so their OOP is not polished. with .NET a lot of developers are basically guys who drag and drop most of the application. with java… well… not enough space to describe the bottom of THAT barrel :slight_smile: genius is everywhere, mediocre is everywhere too.

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