No detail waterfall when page has 379 requests

Out of curiosity I ran a test for (it’s a national newspaper in the UK)

The page make 379!!! requests in total, and although I get the thumbnail for the waterfall on the summary page the detail waterfall is blank

I’ve tried this on IE9 & Chrome in Dulles, Dublin and a Private Instance.

(this isssue isn’t causing me any problems so it’s just a FYI report really)

Thanks. I’ll take a look. My bet is that it’s a memory issue and the server is having trouble creating the large in-memory image for the waterfall since it is so long. I’ll see if there are any tweaks I can do to reduce memory use a bit (or if it’s something else). The thumbnails are drawn at thumbnail size (an optimization that was done ~1yr ago) which is probably why they are working.

You might be able to see the parts you care about in the meantime by going to the custom waterfall UI and selecting a subset of the requests.

Hmm, possibly a client-side browser issue or a transient issue? I just checked and the detail waterfall loaded for me.

On further testing actually appears to only be an issue on the iPad, which looks like:

Can confirm all the desktop browsers I’ve tried work OK

Ahh, thanks. Yeah, I have no doubt that the massive image causes memory issues on the iPad. I’ll have to think about it a bit to see if it makes sense to split it into smaller images when there are that many requests or falling back to a HTML-based waterfall like HAR Viewer