No longer able to run webpagetest against our site after applying Akamai enhancements

Hi all,

We have applied below Akamai changes to site:
-Enabled Adaptive Accelration via mPulse lite
-Enabled Resource Optimizer
-Increased Browser cache TTL for js/css to be 10 days
-Enabled Chunked Transfer Encoding
-Enabled Adaptive Image Compression
-Added security headers (Strict-Transport-Security,X-Frame-Options,X-XSS-Protection,X-Content-Type-Options)

After doing so,we are unable to use to test our site,Webpagetest is returning below error via :
The testing completed but failed.
Unhandled exception in test run: Unterminated UTF-8 sequence when encoding string

We are still able to test the site via and Google .but not WPT.
Can someone help here on what would be the reason ?


It might be that the iPhone test agent that you selected was having problems. I was able to run a test using Chrome emulating a Moto G4 -