Only opening

I have completed webpagetest 2.18 private instance set up. It’s working all working machine except 1. In that test machine when the browsers is launched, only is opening. Its not hitting the site I have given for test.

Please help me fix this.


What browser? If it is IE, did you configure wptdriver.ini to point to the 32-bit version (x86 path) and not the 64-bit?

Hi Patrick,
I have configured all the browsers 32 bit version path only. For chrome, Firefox and Safari I am getting but test site is not loading. For IE, the test machine VM is getting disconnected. I think its getting restarted.

Hi Patrick,
I am also facing similar kind of issue with Chrome and Firefox. Only difference on my case is its opening up and it throws webpage not found.

Hi Patrick,

I am also facing the same issue but only with Chrome and it tries to open up, timing out. Please assist!

Hi Patrick,

I am seeing the same issue with Chrome. It times out.

Same here with Chrome! Firefox and IE are working fine.

What version of wptdriver? That usually happens if you are running a fairly old version. Update information is here:

There is also a setting in settings.ini that will automatically update the agent as new versions are released.

The other possibility that comes to mind is if you accidentally installed the 64-bit version of Chrome or Firefox (only 32-bit is supported, even on 64-bit OS).

Thanks Patrick! Strangely it works now although I didn’t change a thing. My guess is that it was an update of Chrome or of the WPT agent. In my settings.ini I have the the ‘installer’ field in the [Chrome] section. I guess this is responsible for the updates.

@ Patrick,

Iam using the WPT 17.08 which is the latest, but for some reason, neither FF or Chrome works in our private instance, its shows blank or blank2 alternatively and never opens the actual test url in FF or Chrome, please suggest.