Optimising a https website - how?


This is a very useful website and I’ll recommend it to my colleagues to use a point of reference.

What optimisation techniques would you recommend for websites that can only be accessed using https?



All of the optimizations still apply. For https it is critical that persistent connections are used and that you use as few connections as possible (within reason) because the cost of setting up a new connection is 4 round trips (vs 1 for http).

Thanks for the quick reply. Does static content delivered over https get cached?

The https site is load balanced (web servers) so maintaining persistent connections could be problematic.

The persistent connections need to be supported on the load balancers (only part that matters is between the browser and your front door).

As far as caching goes, you need to add cache-control: public to static content for it to be cached, but yes, it can be cached.