Optimization Checklist broken

It looks like the Optimization Checklist is broken.
At least, with my account I don’t get any information in the generated image.


Do you have a link to the test? If you don’t want the test shared, was it with Chrome? Firefox, for example, can’t do the optimization checks.

Take a look at this: verify slower performance : eetgroup.com - WebPageTest Optimization Check Results
Some sections seeks not to show content, like Optimization Details and Glossary.

This is the test: munich2022.com : Ch...urt, Germany - EC2 - WebPageTest Optimization Check Results
I use Chrome and/or Brave

oof, yeah - very broken and seems to be happening to all tests. The individual requests appear to have the data because the detail list shows the requests failing each check, and the checklist shows the scores and requests, just not the marks.

Filed an issue: Optimization checklist images are broken · Issue #2360 · WPO-Foundation/webpagetest · GitHub

Should hopefully be a quick fix, thanks for the report.

Yep, looks like the icons were moved and a reference was missed. Just submitted a PR.

Thank you for the support!