optimization issue


I’ve been working on optimizing our website for a while…
Using Akamai DNS and CDN for HTML,JS,CSS and some images and CloudFlare for the rest (lazy loaded) of the resources (mainly images).
I optimized the resources, and combined them so I create less requests. I’m using prefetched DNS and multiple subdomains so the browser will multi-thread.

and now for my problem:
(more noticeable on FIOS:)

there is a gap between the 13rd and 14th requests. why?

  • I’ll be happy for more tips.


Probably script or layout. If you use Chrome as a test agent and enable dev-tools timeline capture you can get a lot more detail on what is going on: http://www.webpagetest.org/result/140225_WH_16YY/ (click the view link next to the timeline)

The images (and delay) are all after onload so whatever is being scheduled is being initiated by javascript. Without knowing exactly what the logic is it’s hard to say what’s going on (do you have a lazy image loader or something like that)?