Optimization on a Wix site


I have a wix site and used the test function, with several recommendations. Has anyone with a Wix site been able to do much afterwards? Or are we pretty much stuck (until we build a complete website)?

Any ideas are welcome!


Hi Jorge,

Can you post a link to your test results?

I was recently asked to audit a Wix site, and the WPT grades were very good. However, when you look at Start Render, SpeedIndex and other times, performance was terrible.

A big issue I noticed were the JS scripts being executed from Wix’s parastorage.com domain. Caching helped returning visitors, but new visitors had terrible performance. Do you see something similar in your test results?

  • Jean

What kind of recomendations do you use to optimize your Wix sire?
May I see the results of your testing?



Thanks for your reply. I initially tried Google’s adaptation of WPT (https://testmysite.thinkwithgoogle.com) and then the original. Google’s results are awful and WPT’s aren’t that bad, but the recommendations aren’t possible (WIx isn’t flexible in that way).

My site is wegift.com.do (feel free to give the test a try and let me know)

Jorge Roques


Currently, nothing (useful) shows up on screen untill well over 11s.

One quick win would be reduce the number of web fonts. In a test run, I saw 10 web fonts loading on the page:

I have not worked with Wix but, if it is possible, try to load the fonts earlier in the waterfall.

Another suggestion is to reduce or defer Javascripts. Currently, the home page has over 6MB of JS code as against 600KB of images. In the waterfall, requests 5 through 172 appear to be JS calls. By deferring them, you could load images and fonts earlier and get a better render time.