Need To Hire Help To Speed Up Wix Web SIte & SEO Work

We just migrated our web site which was controlled by Hibu web site (we inherited from former business owner) over to Wix. It is loading very slow but we don’t have access to the sever files. Can anyone help me make this site faster. We have resized and then compressed pictures on, we took the video out, etc. Are there any snippets of code that can be placed into site to make it cache things - read this on one of the site speed test analyzers. The problem is: We don’t know where to place this code if we had it… We also tried going to a less top heavy design (smaller header and smaller photo above fold) - this did not help either. Could it be the 301 redirects? We would also like to place some structured data mark up into site, since we’re a local business, we need this and a few other SEO things done. We’ve read wix could be slow, but perhaps it’s the design we chose?! The site speed is the top priority. Web site is
We can’t even run PPC campaign until we speed this up. We like wix except for this. We have a WP site also, and it’s only a little bit faster,and not nearly as user friendly (we aren’t techie-people) Please advise.

You’re onto a bit of a loser with Wix and SEO. Chunks of the code were stolen from Open source products, and the end result is that google doesn’t like them.

Your site seems pretty fast, but is being hampered by the 250 extra resource files that need to be loaded to see the front page. Although it’s out of your control, either combination of files - you’ve got over 150 javascript files for a start - or migration to http2 would help.

In the long term, expending energy building a good WP site will pay off… it’s not that difficult once you get the hang of it, is far more flexible, both with available functionality and retheming options not to mention improved SEO at google.

If you use Wix, you’re at the mercy of Wix.

There is no performance tuning you can do.

If you’re running substantial traffic to this site, then likely best to scrape the content + move to a WordPress site, running on a dedicated server.

I’ve had to help many of my private hosting clients escape various nonsense hosting like Wix + WPEngine, where sites are slow + company can provide no acceptable level of assistance.

Thank you for your advice I have repeatedly heard this lately. I have a different site hosted on Wordpress, and I’m not a fan of the Xdesign plug in I used. I did like the ease of the drag and drop feature wix has. I don’t like how I can’t switch to HTML edit and enter in important tidbits for seo like schema data markup. I can’t switch servers now since I moved registrars and hosts less than a week ago and that would look sketchy to the search engines.

There’s no effect on SEO, at least any I’ve seen, related to changing hosts.

Changing Registrars there is an effect, if you’re domain has been registered form many years.

So rule of thumb, choose your Registrar + stick with them forever.

Hosting, switch anytime you like.

I run a private hosting company + site IPs are constantly changing as they move between physical machines to balance out machine load.

SEO is never effected.

Well… only effect is the faster + more stable a site, then the easier it is for GoogleBot to connect + pull content + proceed with indexing…

So whenever I take on a new client from slow or glitchy hosting company, their sites SEO tends to improve a little.

Wix + similar companies seem good for hobby projects.

If you every have a project that wildly succeeds, you’ll likely have many headaches + will be at the mercy of Wix to resolve…