Page not fully loading

I have WPT automated to run on a private instance in regular intervals. At a certain point, some of the pages I’m testing stopped reaching the end of their render. I thought it was likely an issue with my app, but I have not been able to recreate it.

Basically, from looking at the filmstrip, I see that the sidebar/header of my page loads, but the test completes prior to content being filled in. Has anyone else seen this? I don’t think I have touched any configurations/settings that might have affected this.

Does the waterfall look complete? The filmstrip has a bunch of different display modes (last change, visually complete, fully loaded), do any of them look correct? How about the screen shot in the results page?

Yeah it’s complete. I checked all the different modes of filmstrip as well. Tough to tell whether this is an error on the WPT side or some very odd bug on my end, but I’ve never been able to repro it outside of WPT.

Ah I figured it out. I didn’t realize how small the viewport was, but my site just isn’t responsive and content was getting pushed below the field. Realized once I saw the scrollbars.