Page Speed Score


First I want to give a compliment to such a great service. It really makes it quite easy to try different code changes to see how you can improve your times.

Just lately I have noticed that my Page Speed score has dropped because there are usually 1 or 2 extra bytes in the html. Is there a link that allows you to see the reduced file. That way I can compare the two and see where the extra couple of bytes are located.

I don’t have access to the optimized resources (though it seems unlikely that 1-2 bytes should have any impact on the score). I believe if you use the Chrome or Firefox Page Speed extension it will let you see the optimized resources.


Thanks for the reply. In Firefox or Chrome it does not show any reduction, but when I run a test, it’s marked down 1% because it’s 1 byte over. Not that it really matters that much but if I had the reduced file, I could modify one of the regexps. Here is the test result link.