Poor results but works fine

Hi guys,

My website is lovecocoa.com - I’ve just moved to Shopify using a theme called Pipeline.

I am getting poor result back from this site for first bite time and cached static (both C’s)

Also on the google I am scoring as only 62/100 (D) for mobile and slightly better for desktop.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Happy to pay for work to be done if it can be improved.


Hi James -

A poor first byte time means the server or network is slow to give its initial response. You can speed this up with premium DNS, caching, optimized code, and better server resources / hosting.

Caching static content is also something that is set on the server side.

Unfortunately since you’re on shopify there’s going to be little you can do to affect server settings.

You can however optimize things after the first byte (the ‘front end’). Try reaching out to a developer who can help you optimize css, js, fonts, and images so you get a better overall load time.