First byte time issue.


I am running my website/webshop . Website runs with cloudflare CDN.
This is my test preview.
I contacted my webhost surftown. They sad, that it is my website problems, but as i see it isnt. They sad my website take 15-25% ussage of server cpu, can it be true? And use up too 10 GB of ram? Can it be true too?

I really hope you guys can help me out here.
Thanks in advice.
Best Regards Jonas Samulionis

Hopefully someone else can jump in to offer help if you are looking for a developer to take a look but I’ll weigh in with my 2c.

How did you determine that it wasn’t your site causing the problems? The 4 seconds of back-end processing is all server-side time that can be in database queries, CPU intensive stuff or calling external services. Depending on what it is doing, 10GB of Ram can certainly be consumed and it can also be using serious CPU. This is on the server-side, not in the user’s browser so you need to look at it from the server (which we can’t see from the outside).

If you have a developer that can take a look, I highly recommend using New Relic (they have a free 2 week trial). It should tell you exactly where the code is spending all of the time and hopefully it’s a quick fix to optimize or eliminate an expensive operation.

It can be anything from doing image resizing to inefficient database queries.

Your sites not loading for me.