post request to certain domain is not seen in waterfall


We have set up the WebPageTest private instance and so far its working great. But I have noticed that https post call to one particular host/domain is not observed in WebPageTest private instance waterfall, but I do see that call when I monitor the traffic manually by launching the browser. This happens for all three browsers IE11, Chrome and Firefox.

I checked the wamp->bin->apache->apache2.4.9->httpd.conf file as well and there are no restrictions on any of the domain.

How do i debug this? Any pointers?

Thank You!

Can you reproduce it on the public instance? That will help track down if it is a problem with the agents or a private instance configuration issue.

Hi Patrick,

I won’t be able to reproduce this on public instance since the this domain is within our corp domain.

I am reinstalling private instance and will update you.

Thank you!