Private CDN


My site has bad CDN rating because I use one that is not on the approved list.
Would you consider adding an option for a user string to specify private CDNs?
This way, a developer could see improvements while implementing proper separation between dynamic and static site content.

I suggest adding a new pane in the advanced settings for user specified CDNs.



It’s not so much an “approved” list as it is a list of CDN’s that we know about. Is the CDN you are using a public CDN offering or is it really private (i.e. you have your own gslb and servers across the world)?

One thing I’m considering is having the CDN list as a config setting on the server so you could tweak it for private installs but I prefer not to make it configurable at test time, at least without thinking through how to present the fact that a custom list was used.

Thanks for the answer.

Currently the CDN is completely private and not global. I may reconsider in the future but currently the users are all in the province of Quebec.

I see your point. What I am trying to achieve is a way to point at the real problems. Most of the files are pulled from the CDN, but a few aren’t.



any news on the CDN config file for private instances? Or is there a workaround available in the meantime?



No, I haven’t worked on it but the project is on github and I’d be happy to take a pull request if you want to take a crack at it. Otherwise it’s going to be a while before I even think about it - there hasn’t been a lot of demand for it.

+1 here. Would love something in my settings/profile to define a list of cdns we use so management stops asking why we’re failing CDN tests :slight_smile:

Are you using actual CDN’s? If so and WPT is missing them, just send me some sample tests as well as the CDN that is being missed and I will fix the detection. If you don’t use a CDN and management still asks then it’s worth explaining to them why a CDN doesn’t make sense (assuming that’s the case) for your specific case. Sometimes it makes sense NOT to use a CDN (mostly when you are serving a small geographic area or if the static content is very long-tail).

In our case, our CDN is AWS S3 and/or CloudFront. They’re served from and

S3 isn’t a CDN but cloudfront should be correctly detected, even when CNAME’d to your own domain.

Just checking to see if work on this feature is still alive.

There was never any work started. The use cases above weren’t actually a CDN (at least as far as geo-distributing for performance cares).

If you want to trick WPT into thinking there is a CDN for some reason the detection logic is here:

Adding a X-Edge-Location: header to the responses from the private CDN would categorize it as a generic “CDN” but if it’s not actually geo-distributing content you aren’t doing anyone any favors.