Use of CDN rating

First of all I need to say thank you for this tool! It is great tool to find performance problems. I’ve just set up a private instance of WebPageTest so that we can test our Websites. Below are areas which I need help

  1. Results are not showing for Intranet https secure websites with valid user account using use current account=1 in urlblast.ini
  2. With using network caching in network, how to tweak CDN parameters to consider the contents from caching to rate “use of CDN” for intranet websites
  3. Followed the steps in to configure dynatrace, still it is not working…is something am missing…

Thanks in advance …

1 - Do the https sites need authentication or are they just static pages? The “use current account” stuff uses the current OS user for running the browser but that may or may not help with getting access to the page you are trying to test. Do the pages use some form of integrated windows authentication?

2 - I’m not sure I understand the question but the upcoming release may help since it changes the CDN check to not be a grade. Since a CDN may not make sense for an intranet (and if it does, it will be a proprietary one) it is probably best to ignore that check. I can see about adding support for a user-configured CDN list which may help in the future but there aren’t a lot of use cases for it.

3 - It may be best to wait for the updated release to get dynaTrace working. I fixed some integration bugs with the 2.0 codebase right before velocity (and eliminated the need to configure the environment variables by hand).

I should have an updated release either late this week or early next.

Thanks Patrick for response on this… Kindly find comments below…

1.Yes, Https sites uses NTLM or Kerberos integrated authentication, where it fails @ authorization with server responding with error message “HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized”… is there way we can overcome this problem…

  1. Adding user configured CDN list will help lot…thanks for this…


Hi Patrick,

I’v seen the source code in this page ,but I can’t find the configuration file in the agent folder.

so my question is, does it work now? how can i config the user-configured CDN list in my local?

I set up a private instance for our website too.

thank you very much for your help!

There is no configuration file or way to specify a user-configured CDN list - it is hard-coded into the agent (it’s been a low-priority todo to add support for an external list as well).

If you know of an actual CDN that isn’t detected by the current agent then send it to me and I can get it added.

Since the WebPagetest CDN detection works with CNAME’s, IP ranges and host headers it can usually detect all users of a given CDN provider and doesn’t need a list of hosts. The one case it doesn’t deal well with right now is if a site is running their own CDN infrastructure (wich is really rare but not unheard of).



Yes, we have our own CDN domain.
I will send a email to you. Thanks very much.