Private instance - Enabling Traffic Shapping


I am progressing in my configuration of my private instance and it seems that Traffic Shaping is not working as expected.

I thought that I had to simply put “DSL” instead of “LAN” in the connectivity field of the locations.ini (see mine below) but it does not work (it is too fast to be shaped as DSL).

I installed the dummynet following instructions here.

Is there something else that I should do in order to do traffic shaping?


label=Local Server


label="Local Server"

No. If you put anything in the connectivity field at all it will disable traffic shaping and just use whatever text you put in there for the label. For traffic-shaping to be enabled you need to remove the connectivity= line entirely.

Ok. So the field “connectivity” is only informational and does not drive the traffic shaping. So where whould I configure the shaping?

Will I be able to have different connectivities simulate on same WPT instance?

The traffic shaping is done dynamically on a per-test basis. On the server you configure the default profiles in settings/connectivity.ini (there is a .sample version with all of the normal defaults).

In the UI in the advanced settings is a dropdown to select the connectivity profile that you want to use when you submit a test.

This is clear! I removed the connectivity line from my configuration and now I can see all connectivity options in the UI. Exactly what I expected ! :slight_smile: Thank you very much.