Reduce/Remove gap of 3 sec inactivity

Hello, I am trying to optimize my new website and while it is working reasonably Ok now but I still see in waterfall chart that there is a gap of more than 3 secs between step 6 & step 7. Is there a way to reduce this gap and get fonts load step 7 to execute simultaneously or subsequently without this gap?
Thanks for you help in advance.

Have you tried a test without Cloudflare’s Rocket loader enabled?

Thanks for your reply. I did try it and while it reduces the gap but it significantly increases the load & document complete times when switched off…

The start render and interactive time will be the more important metrics to decrease. The page should become interactive well before the document complete time, so I wouldn’t worry too much about that time as it will be mostly made up of third party scripts that load after the main content.

Rocket loader can result in some issues with script processing as it will push a lot of these until after the document complete time. Something to keep it mind. If the page content feels like it loads smoother in the browser without it, consider not using it.

The site looks to be loading within 2.4s at Dulles, so it could also be the location you tested had a slow CPU, which can result in slow JS processing. Worth checking the CPU utilization graph underneath the waterfall to see if it was spiking during that 3s gap.