render-blocking Javascript Wordpress

Hello everyone,

I have a huge issue with render blocking on my website and nothing really helps because regardless minifying and aggregating js and css, website shows up after everything has been loaded and jquery becomes active again just before the blue line. If I use defer or async, it is all just backgound color. On inspect in Chrome I see that all containers are in place. They are just not visible! Even links and buttons work.

I think it is the theme Levelup which is built this way. In functions.php this theme is calling like 20 different js functions via jquery. I attach the file to my post if anyone wants to check it out.

I tested for mobile devices of course from Stockholm, emulationg iPhone 6/7/8

This test is for when I only minified with Autoptimize and not aggregated, in order to see all the js files. When it is agreggated it is just a huge chung of js which is being executed a long time until it rerders anything.

I have been trying W3 Total cache as well, and and manually defer js which Lighthouse identify as render-blocking. Andone of them is jquery, but once I add it, everything goes black as described above.

Please let me know if you have any idea what else can I try. I am really becoming hopeless after spending dayssss on this issue, :frowning:

Thank you!