REST API - wait for a post-load request

We are using the REST API to test a page. We are also trying to get that test page to POST in-page performance details that are calculated post-load to a data collection service.

I have seen that if I run the test from the web UI with a minimum test time or a script with requireRequest then the page is allowed to run long enough for my data to post. However, I have not been able to find a similar way to wait when using the REST API.

Is this a minimum wait time or a requireRequest possible via the REST API?


Everything you can do in the UI you can do through the REST API (the UI uses the same API). It is possible that something isn’t documented though.

You can get the parameter names for any of the options by inspecting the elements in the UI using a browser’s dev tools ot by inspecting the post request from the UI for runtest.php when you submit a test.

Thanks for the quick response. I started that route (using the time= param that I observed through Charles) but when it wasn’t working I started to wonder if some aspects might be blocked to the REST API.

As it turns out my issues were related to JS that I believe isn’t IE-friendly and I didn’t realize that we were using the default location / browser value. Late yesterday I switched to Chrome and got the results I was expecting.

Thanks again.