Results from multiple step scripts not possible via API/.har/.csv?


Is it possible to get the full results from multiple step scripts at all?

I have recently tried on the Oregon EC2 and one of the Dulles Machines and looked in the .csv files created and only the first step is shown.

Also, looked in the .har file and it looks like only the first step is also shown here.

Is this expected?

I’m looking into ramping up our API use on our soon to be upgraded private instance, but if getting the data for each step is not possible I will have to revise the plan.

If you set logData 0 for steps 1, 2, 3 and logData 1 for step 4 is that the only way to technically get each step’s data? So for a 4 step script, would I need to run the tests 4 times to get all the data (with logData 1 on each step and off for the other 3) or is there some undocumented feature that would allow us to get the data for all steps?

I know that the UI in the public version shows the data, so I know it comes back somehow, but not clear to me on how to get it via API.

An example link for a test results from the Public UI is

Can we pull the results from the #run7_step1 results via API?

Any help or advice you can offer would be much appreciated.

Thank You!