resutls 404

all the results was written to root/results folder, but the results page showing up 404, as the url try to find the resutls from result folder, not resutls. http://localhost/result/110513_NT_7/, is there issue with code, where i can modify the config file to pointing to results folder…

thanks a lot

Sounds like mod_rewrite either isn’t installed or isn’t working (if it is installed, make sure the .htaccess files are getting processed with AllowOverride all).

results/ is actually rewritten to results.php?test= and it’s not supposed to reference the filesystem directly.

we are using Linux as web server, it was already enabled, and just make change for .htaccess to allowoveride all in /setting, it didn’t work, is there any other setting affect restuls page?

I had the same issue and i created an empty directory ‘result’ at the root of the web server and i’ve got no more 404 errors… maybe you should try this?