changed result-storage-path?


I’ve installed WPT Server 2.5 and want to use it with WPT Monitor, version 0.3 (latest stable). My scripted monitor-tests are triggered correctly to the wpt-server as jobs and the agent gets it, runs the test and writes back the results. As far everything’s fine.

But on results-page of the monitor the status of the result remains “pending”. If I click on the link to the result I get a 404. I noticed that the results of tests started directly from web-gui of wpt-server are saved differently in the filesystem than the results of the monitor-jobs:

e.g. /results/11/12/15/XK/11/
e.g. /results/11/12/15/W6/4d53627c973bcf6ecf6b9bc7e19b6879/

Can’t the wpt-server handle the long foldernames anymore?

Thanks in advance and regards,
Sorry, it’s not the long foldername but the different method of invoking the results. Can’t the wpt-server show the results by the url without results.php anymore?

Looks like you don’t have mod_rewrite enabled. WebPagetest recently added support for running without it but WPTMonitor is expecting the “friendly” version of the URLs. Shouldn’t have anything to do with the length of the folder name, it’s the URL structure itself.

mod_rewrite is enabled.
So what else could be the problem?
Any ideas?

It can’t be working correctly, otherwise WebPagetest would have used instead of

Are .htaccess overrides enabled (AllowOverride)?


Options Indexes FollowSymlinks
AllowOverride All

is set in the Directory-sections of my vhost-confs (in /etc/apache2/vhosts.d/), in the Directory-section of htdocs in /etc/apache2/default-server.conf and in the Directory-section “/” of httpd.conf (the two latter don’t matter I think…).

And I made the folowing test and mod_rewrite seems to be enabled:

My wpt-server and -monitor are on the same machine (Linux-VM) in a LAN together with the agents. A firewall is built around it. Could the firewall oppress url-rewriting on a machine behind it?

The firewall shouldn’t cause any issues, all of the rewriting happens on the server itself. That is pretty bizarre. Is the WebPagetest .htaccess file in WPT’s root directory?

The access and error logs might have some information about the rewrite failures.

Thanks a lot!

The .htaccess-file was missing. A workmate copied the wpt-server to the machine and obviously forgot hidden files.

lol. cool. That would certainly do it.