The test completed but there were no successful results.


I am able to run the Local instance of WPT on my machine if i am not selecting the “capture video” checkbox under the advance option. but if select this option i get a message on the results.php page which says “The test completed but there were no successful results.” and no result is displayed. i have been trying to debug this from past couple of days but had no luck with this. If anyone know about this problem please let me know. The result of my “server/results” is:

WebPagetest Installation Check


PHP version at least 5.3: 5.5.9-1ubuntu4.7
GD Module Installed: yes
zip Module Installed: yes
zlib Module Installed: yes
curl Module Installed: yes
php.ini allow_url_fopen enabled: yes
APC Installed: NO (optional)
php.ini upload_max_filesize > 10MB: 10M
php.ini post_max_size > 10MB: 10M
System Utilities

ffmpeg Installed (required for video): yes
ffmpeg 1.x Installed with fps, scale and decimate filters(required for mobile video): 2.6.2 (optional)
imagemagick compare Installed (required for mobile video): yes
jpegtran Installed (required for JPEG Analysis): yes
exiftool Installed (required for JPEG Analysis): yes
Filesystem Permissions

{docroot}/tmp writable: yes
{docroot}/results writable: yes
{docroot}/work/jobs writable: yes
{docroot}/work/video writable: yes
{docroot}/logs writable: yes


Can you watch the test run on the agent machine if so does it appear to run OK?

Is there a results folder generated for the test - on the server it’ll be in www/results/15/…

(If the URL for a test result was, the matching folder on disk would be www/results/15/04/06/BH/1 - 15/04/06 is the date in YY/MM/DD format))


yes the folder is being generated.

When i am checking “capture video” check box, it opens the browser but does not put the URL. and that is why it shows empty results.and when i am not checking the capture video check box then it opens the browser prints the URL in the browser and collect all the results.