Screenshots available but "The test completed but there were no successful results"


I’ve just set up a private instance of WebPageTest and I think I’m very close from getting it all working.

The /install page is showing everything green, the site is coming up and tests are running… but not successfully. I can see the tests being run successfully but for some reason the results don’t make it back. Screenshots are fine though and are showing in the “Screenshot” tab of the results, but not in the summary. Also, note that I am not automatically redirected to the results page. I have to refresh the (lack of) results.

This is my setup:

  • Both the agent and the site are running on the same Win7 32 bits VM
  • I’ve set up locations for IE 8, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and I can see the tests running fine
  • Dummynet seems to be installed correctly and I can see the response time being different when trying different options. I also tried with “connectivity=LAN” in my location.ini which sped up the load time significantly, but still no results published

I looked at the /logs folder and no errors are reported.
In the /results folder I can see:

  • 6 screenshots
  • test.job
  • testinfo.ini
  • testinfo.json.gz, which just contains a json file

So it looks like I’m almost there but for some reason the test results are not being posted.

Any idea?

Thanks for your help!


Ok, I’m not sure what I’ve done but everything is now working perfectly.

I forgot to mention before that I was using IIS and FastCGI to run PHP instead of Apache. I’m a .Net dev and it’s easier for me to setup IIS.

I thought that could be the problem and installed Apache, just to give it a chance. In doing so I somehow manage to screw up my PHP install (5.3).

So I uninstalled PHP and reinstalled it from Microsoft Web Platform Installer. I’m now on version 5.4.9. After this everything started to work and I now have all the test results available. I also tried to remove “connectivity=LAN” from my location file and it’s still working, shaping the network traffic as it should.

The advantage I found using WebPI was that the PHP config they provide already contains all the tweaks required to run WebPageTest private instances. All the extensions required are enabled by default.

So happy days!

I’ll try to write up a full tutorial on setting up WPT in IIS instead of Apache as it is really much simpler and could be useful to others.


Great, a Windows tutorial would be a lot of help. Getting php configured correctly on Windows is suprisingly difficult. I usually just roll out a WAMP install even though I don’t need MySQL just because the php config works out of the box.