Scheduled Test on Private Instance


I have set up the private instance and would to schedule a job to test 10 URLS every day at different times like 8:00 AM, 12:00 PM, 4:00 PM, 8:00 Pm and 12:00 AM.

How can I achieve this on private instance?

Thank you!

This probably isn’t the cleanest way, but I used Cygwin’s Curl in a batch file to make a call to WebPageTest. I tied the calling of my batch file into my build process, but you could also use CRON or Windows Task Scheduler. Here is roughly what my script looks like…

@echo off
SET Curl_Path=“curl.exe”
SET Curl_Silent_Paramaters=-o /dev/null -s --compressed

%Curl_Path% %Curl_Silent_Paramaters%
%Curl_Path% %Curl_Silent_Paramaters%
%Curl_Path% %Curl_Silent_Paramaters%
%Curl_Path% %Curl_Silent_Paramaters%

You might find this wrapper written by Marcel Duran useful for issuing WPT tests programmatically: