Screenshot Image & Filmtrip show different site than test domain

I’ve noticed on my last several runs, that one of my passes will show a screenshot and filmstrip of an item that’s not on my site. In addition, I can’t see any content from a “rogue” 3rd party site. I was thinking maybe some ad network got hijacked.

If I play the filmstrip, I do see this strange image already on the laptop before I see my URL. The video is a bit blurry, but it looks like the URL has a starting address of

As I start to play the video, I do see my URL come into play but that “foreign” image remains on the screen.

I don’t think this is something injected on my site. I can dupe the problem using a totally different domain that doesn’t use ad networks. But I can’t dupe 100%.

In some cases, the “foreign” image repeats if I test with a different URLs or domains. One company is called “Brite Medical” and another is called “Care Media”.

My test settings are:
Test Location: Dulles VA USA (Desktop, Android, IOS)
Browser: Chrome
Connection: Cable (5/1 Mbps 28 ms RTT)
Number of tests: 9
Capture Video: Yes
Keep Private: Yes


I am also seeing this behavior.

Looks like the GPU on some of the Windows 10 VM’s was mis-behaving and showing previous content frozen in the buffers. Everything was rebooted so should be clear again.

Thanks Patrick for the fix and explanation.