Private Call to Dulles, VA on Chrome missing Video


I have a problem from my Private Instance using an API key to the Dulles, VA Chrome browser.

The test completes successfully but when I click on the video, it says:

“The requested video does not exist. Please try creating it again and if hte problem persists please contact us.”

Another issue is that I cannot return a valid URL on the waterfall. When I click it, I get a 404 from my private instance:<my_api_key>.170523_ZR_G/1/details/#waterfall_view_step1

It seems to be partially working only.

Any ideas?

What does the /install page on your server show? The videos are rendered on your server so it sounds like ffmpeg or imagemagick isn’t working (or maybe it’s tied to the same issue as the URL).

The URL sounds like the test ID in the json file is getting overwritten on the relay server. I have a couple of systems that are successfully running as relay clients but it’s possible that something with the key format (mine don’t use the A.* keys) is messing things up or it was a bug that was fixed and I’m running newer agent code.

Hi Patrick,

Here is a screenshot. I think they are installed properly based on the result.