Create Video doesnt work

I have a problem with creating a video on a private instance. Screenshot, Filmstrip View, everything works. It also starts to create a video but then there is no video that i can start. Clicking on download it says: The video requested does not exist.
AviSynth is also installed, but maybe there is something wrong with the setup.

In the results folder there are labels.txt, testinfo.josn.gz, video.ini and video.png. The video.mp4 is missing.

Can you help me with the problem?

Can you check the /install page on your server to see if everything is checked? avisynth is no longer used and video is rendered on the server but it requires a few things (ffmpeg with x264 support most notably).

Hi Pat,

I have the same issue with video. I’ve attached screenshots in this thread

Any suggestions on what might be wrong ?