Video requested does not exist.

Sometimes when I try to generate a video through my private instance I get this message: “The video requested does not exist.”.

I generate the video through a request to the /video/create.php passing all the information about the test which i want to use to generate the video, but sometimes at the url where I should found the video, I found that message.

Is there anyone which could help me with this?

The only possibility that comes to mind is if the test you pass to create.php does not exist (or maybe it doesn’t have video).

Analyzing the folders, I can found the screenshots are correctly saved in (…\results\13\04\16\9Z\N\video_1), but if we look in the folder where I expect to find the video, then I see only the following files:

  • labels.txt
  • testinfo.json.gz
  • video.ini

video.mp4 is missing, and this happens from time to time, say once every 10 runs.

Could this help to understand this issue?

It’s possible that the test agent had problems rendering the video for some reason. I assume you are only asking for a video to be generated after the tests have completed, right (there may not be a race condition check if you are doing it through the API).

Do you have more than one test agent? If you have a bunch then it’s possible that one of them is regularly failing to render the videos.

The only other possibility that comes to mind is if your php and/or web server is not configured to allow for large enough files to be posted then it’s possible that the video was rendered but failed to be uploaded.

If you delete the video folder and re-request the same video does it work then?


The problem was that in those tests the video was to large. I just changed the upload_max_filesize inside the php.ini to an higher value and everything worked.