Scripting doesn't work

Getting server error right after submitted when trying to submit simple script with two navigates.

The goal was to test caching on the page after another page is loaded first.

Can you shoot the script over to me? The most common case of errors is that the commands have spaces in them instead of tabs (working on automatically parsing with spaces).

For a multi-step script you also need to designate what should be measured and how (either combine the whole script into a single step or ignore all but one of the navigations). This won’t generate an error if you don’t do it but the results will not be what you expect.

Here is what a sample should look like:

logData	0
logData	1

(make sure there are tabs after the commands, it may not copy/paste well from the forums).

And this is what the result would look like:



Yes, it was the problem with tabs…