Scripting on public WebPageTest

I want to test multiple pages (flow of scenario from home page to product detail page) on public webpage test website. Is there a way I can achieve that using the public website?

Yes, the scripting support will allow you to do this -

Here’s on that loads YouTube and searches

setvalue	id=masthead-search-term	boston mspca legend
submitform	id=masthead-search

and another that loads BBC and then clicks on News

execAndWait	document.querySelector('.orb-nav-news a').click();

Thanks andydavies. In the link it talks about File->Run Script? I am assuming it is some kind of tool or browser plugin from where scripts can be run locally? Also on public webpage test website can you tell me how to upload scripts and run it? I do not see any options available in public portal.

The File->Run Script is from when WPT was a desktop app

If you click on advanced drop down to open the tabs, and then click on the script tag, you’ll see a text area that you can add the script to

Thanks for the information. I can see now how to execute scripts on public webpage test. Will give it a try.

Yes i am looking for the same. Could you please provide the steps or procedure to test the entire application flow, so that we can identify in which page we have an issue.

Did you look at the earlier posts in the thread? The first reply has a link for the documentation on using scripts to test multi-step transactions:

Hi team,

Ho will get the id or name of the field in the web page.
I was giving the below script

logData 0

logData 1

setValue name=loginId nagamallala
setValue name=password xxxxx
clickAndWait name=SignIn

but I was unable to run it getting the below error please help me out…:huh:

Error creating WebPageTest result {“statusCode”:400,“statusText”:“Invalid Script (make sure there is at least one navigate command and that the commands are tab-delimited). Please contact us if you need help with your test script.”}
[2016-12-27 09:17:50] Error creating WebPageTest result {“statusCode”:400,“statusText”:“Please enter a Valid URL. logData is not a valid Internet host name”}

It looks like you are using the API. Does the script work through the UI? If so, make sure you urlencode it before passing it to the api with a script=… parameter

I am having a similar issue with my script:

[code]logData 0

logData 1
setValue id=SignIn-emailInput UserName
setValue id=SignIn-passwordInput Password
sendClickAndWait id=SignIn-submitButton[/code]

For some reason the data fields are not being populated, as the screenshot that is returned shows the username and password fields as blank with warning messages that they must be populating [so it appears that the button is being clicked correctly] , but am having a devil of a time figuring out why the two input fields won’t populate.