How to test a page in multi step scenario page

Hi All,
Can anyone help me with testing a page in a multistep process. I have multiple steps to complete a process. Requires to go to page 1 fill in some values post which takes me to page 2, and so on till page 5. I want to measure performance of each page.

I am successfully able to test the performance of page 1 but could not do that for other steps.

I am running a private instance of web page test and using chrome for test. Here is how my script look like

logData 0
// bring up the 1 page, disable logging as i need to log for step 2 only
navigate http://mydomain/1

// setup values for different fields in page 0 using
// setvalue or javascript (i have some radio buttons & dropdown, using javascript for that)
setValue id=aa 1234
exec document.getElementById(“bb”).checked = “true”

// all values set, click submit
clickAndWait id=btnSubmit
// moving to 2 page start logging.
logData 1

I get no results (image attached). I get the times but no waterfall of files getting downloaded even for the first view.

I have tried added the following two lines to script but still no help. The submit should take me the 2 page, so navigating it to 2 page is not required.
sleep 10
navigate http://mydomain/2

Thanks in advance.

You should move the logData 1 to before the clickAndWait, otherwise you’re turning on logging after the navigation to the second page has already happened.

Thanks Patrick for your reply.
It kind of works, but my browser/test is closed even before the second page is completely loaded. I get no stats for the second page.
I tried putting sleep at the end (as below), but now the test never ends.

logData 1
clickAndWait id=btnSubmit
sleep 3

Any chance it’s something you can reproduce on the public instance with a public site or test page (PM me if it’s sensitive)? I can run it in a debugger and see what’s going on. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an agent bug that I need to fix.