measuring multiple steps with one script?

I am using PageTest-Scripts for running multiple-step testcases. The scripted tests are triggered through WPT Monitor-Jobs.


clickAndWait	id'tconRefIntoBasket
setValue	name'tmp_email
setValue	name'tmp_password	myPassword
submitForm	name'LoginFormByEMail

If I want to monitor every of the five steps of the script actually I have to create five different scripts, because each step depends on the previous ones. In each of these scripts I mark the step to measure with the logData-statement.
For the following reasons I would like to have just one script for the described test-scenario:

  • I want to avoid the administration of redundant parts of different scripts belonging to the same testcase.
  • If the agent would measure all the steps of a submitted script during a single execution that would be a great performance-benefit.

How could I get the described feature working?
I would be grateful for any ideas or informations on how to realize something like that.

It largely depends on what you want to do with the test results. Techncially you can run the test without the logdata blocks and it will run and measure each step of the script independently, it’s just that the UI can’t present the results. If you just care about the numbers you can extract them from the csv files.

OK, that’s interesting. I think I will have a look into the raw data of the results.

What I want is to monitor the results of the different steps of the test case over the time. You can see that realized through differrent wpt monitor-jobs in the attachment. Instead of several jobs I would like to have just one job/script to realize the monitoring of the specialist test case.

If I want to be able to point to the detailed wpt-results of each step I have to separate the test-results of the multistep-script into different folders?

It would likely take a change to wpt monitor to understand multiple steps in a single test.