Sirv CDN not detected

Hello, can you add Sirv CDN to your list of recognised CDNs please? For example, this page serves files from Sirv CDN on the domain

Test results show “Use a CDN for all static assets” for files such as:


You can check the x-sirv-server response header to see which Sirv edge location returned the file e.g.

x-sirv-server: sirvcdn-gbr-1


The test results are here:

All files listed on the domain are false positives. (They’re being served from a CDN).

Is there an admin on this forum that can advise how a CDN can be added to the WebPageTest list of known CDNs?

Bumping this up…

There are many CDNs not known to WebPageTest, so it falsely flags files with “Use a CDN for all static assets”.

What is the process for adding new CDNs to WebPageTests list of known CDNs?

Does this board have any administrators? If so, can someone please respond to this? WebPageTest results contains false and misleading information because its list of recognised CDNs is way out of date.

Any help would be much appreciated.